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MAEVE BINCHY 1940 – 2012

Maeve Binchy's multi-million-copy-selling novels not only tell wonderful stories, they also show that whilst times change, people often remain the same: they fall in love, sometimes unsuitably; they have hopes and dreams; they have deep, long-standing friendships, and some that fall apart.

From her earliest writing to her most recent, Maeve's work has included wonderfully nostalgic pieces and also sharp, often witty writing which is insightful and topical.

But at the heart fo all Maeve's fiction are the people and their relationships with each other. A Few of the Girls is a glorious collection of the very best of her writing, full of the warmth, charm and humour that has always been essentially Maeve.


  A Few of the Girls, UK cover A Few of the Girls, US cover


I'd like people to think I was a good friend and a reasonable story-teller and to know that thanks to all the great people, family and friends that I met, I was very, very happy when I was here.



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