St Stephen's Green


Every table at Quentins restaurant in Dublin has a thousand stories to tell. The staff and customers all have tales of their own and the restaurant itself has had times when it looked set for success and others when it seemed doomed to failure. Presiding over it all are Patrick and Brenda Brennan, who have made Quentins such a legend – but even their lives are not as they seem.

Now Ella Brady wants to make a documentary about Quentins but as she uncovers more of what has gone on, she is forced to confront a devastating dilemma in her own life…


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Ireland, UK, Australia & New Zealand:
Hardback – ISBN 0-7528-5165-9
Paperback – ISBN 978-0-7528-7684-9

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Hardback – ISBN 0-5259-4682-9
Paperback – ISBN 0-4512-0990-7


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